Shadowfax Technologies: Empowering last-mile logistics with tech

In this exclusive video, Abhishek Bansal, CEO and Co-Founder, Shadowfax, a mammoth logistics player, speaks about being the India’s largest hyperlocal and instant delivery platform, amplifying business growth and ensuring an exceptional end-user experience. Watch this interview revealing the journey of how they developed the most immersive, fastest, and agile logistics network  through technology to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere.
India is emerging as a hub of innovative companies across sectors. New technologies, a strong urge to constantly evolve, and lift & shift in customer needs & mindsets are driving this transformation. While on the one hand, these compelling forces are assisting startups to rethink how to survive & thrive and how they attain desired economic growth & prosperity. On the other hand, it is enabling startups to focus on innovation and script their success story.